Friday 4th January 2013

DIY SOS Big Build Huntingdon benefits from Quickbase

When DIY SOS needed a foundation for a 32m2 extension for their Big Build project at Huntingdon, Quickbase was the answer.

We drove 16 piles to a minimum depth of 4m on clay and made up ground. We started piling on site 1.5 days prior to the start of the build to give a head start.All beams were laid and grouted and floor slab installed on day one of the build by 4 operators.

Walls of the SIP building were manufactured offsite prior to the build, and installed on day 1. The Roof was installed on day 2. The outer leaf of 20mm brickslips was bonded to the outer leaf of the SIP panel wall.

The only problems we encountered onsite were due to drains located directly under the planned pile locations. A small redesign on site overcame this problem to prevent delays.

The project was installed under full observation from Huntingdon Building Control who were delighted with our attention to details. The building was fully signed off by Building Control and a 10 year, insurance backed guarantee issued.

The family are truly deserving of this Big Build project and we wish them all the best for the future.


Beams being grouted in situ to for a reinforced concrete beam sitting on top of pile driven to 4m.


Quickbase beams in place on top of 16 piles with our patented pile head


SIP panel walls of extension starting to be installed on completed Quickbase Foundation floor deck.


Nick Knowles of DIY SOS highlighting the Quickbase foundation …


Completed building on Quickbase Foundation


Our Director Jon Thomas with Mark Miller and Nick Knowles